These are picture of our son Kent and his friends.

Visiting the San Francisco Zoo with Katie and Julia

We got to visit the zoo with our friends Katie and Julia (Julia is two days older then Kent.) It's a good thing that they have animals next to the train tracks or we wouldn't have seen any animals. Ice cream was a big hit.
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We spent easter with Kent's cousins. Kent understands Easter egg hunts.
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The train in Los Gatos

Our friend Dan came to visit, so that was an excuse to get together with Alex and Cali and ride the train at Vasona park in Los Gatos. (Kent and Cali exchanged birth dates).
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At the Children's Discovery Museum

Kent and I go to the Children's Discovery Museum so Kent can explore.
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With Shihab in Berkeley

Shihab came to visit, so Kent and I got to spend time in Berkeley. We had a great time watching the bakers at the Cheese Board, then riding the train at Tilden Park, then looking at the animals downstairs at the Lawrence Hall of Science.
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At Home

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We only got to go skiing once during the winter of 2001/2002. But we had fun at Montecito-Sequoia. Kent liked to shuffle along on the skis. He did better if one of us was holding him, even better if we both held him. He still didn't like sledding too much. We had a nice weekend.
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