A Day at Hidden Villa

Kent and I got to spend a relaxing New Year's Day at Hidden Villa near our home. Most of the animals were inside staying dry, but Kent and I enjoyed a nice picnic on top of a tree stump (the ground was too wet) and a walk along Adobe Creek. (Click on a picture to see a larger version.)
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Leif's Birthday Party

Leif invited his friends to a birthday party at the Stanford fire station. What an amazing place for a party. Lots of big trucks and hoses. All the kids got to shoot water from a fire hose, and they put the ladder on the big ladder truck up and shot water over the fire house.
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Shooting water from a fire hose, with Steve's help in the last two pictures.
Picture from 12/07/2002 12:13:27 Picture from 12/07/2002 12:17:08 Picture of Steve and Kent shooting water

Holiday Pictures

Not many opportunities for good pictures this year. Too many holiday preparations, but it was still fun.
Picture from 12/25/2002 14:33:16 Picture from 12/29/2002 13:55:50 Picture from 12/31/2002 22:52:09

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