September 2003 with Kent


I say Yosemite, Kent says Mysemite.  We haven't had the heart to correct him.  It's very cute.  He learned to say Mysemite about the time he first started speaking.  I was amazed when he first changed something from you to mine in a conversation.  Unfortunately, he also changed Yosemite to Mysemite.

Yosemite with Kent's cousins - We got to spend a weekend in Yosemite.  Daddy and Kent hiked up past Vernal Falls to Nevada Falls.  Kent enjoyed looking for short cuts and exploring. He wasn't very happy on the last 100 yards (a hot, steep, stone stairway with little room to explore), but we were all impressed when he got to the top, entirely under his own power.  He enjoyed playing in the river (well) above Nevada Falls. His legs were a bit wobbly on the way down, so Daddy carried him.
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Kent and his cousins really enjoyed bouldering.  Ross and Jay are below. 
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After his cousins left, Kent decided to rearrange the driftwood at Sentinal Beach.
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Sofia's Birthday Party

Sofia turned four, and Kent came along to swing at the Pinata.  Sofia was as cute as ever.

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Chistopher's Birthday Party

Kent enjoyed playing in the creek during Christopher's birthday party. Give him some sand, some water, and a shovel and he'll be busy for hours.
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