Christmas 2009

Christmas Presents

Jenni Jenni and Kent Kent The boys playing video games

Christmas with the Sunnyvale Slaney's

Erin Erin opening presents Meeka

Dressed Up

Kent dressed up Kent and Jensen opening presents Kent is excited The Boys: Jensen, Malcolm and Kent Sara

The Scooter!

Scooter and his bown Scooter and Jenni Sara, Malcolm and Scooter Scooter and Jenni Scooter


Jensen and Aunt Jenni Kent Kent and Jensen reading the menu Artichoke soup Jensen at the beach


We even have the sign (thanks JJs) Windham Guest, Katie, Kent, Emma, Julia, Jensen

SF with Grandma

Alcatraz Golden Gate Bridge Malcolm and Grandma Seagull

Life at Home

Jensen's picture Scooter Jensen's fixie Jensen resting

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