2009 Telluride Trip

The Parade

Every year the Neuromorophs enter the Fourth of July Parade with some neuromorphic entry. This year we were the bees, showing how our hive dances our way to the honey.
Mounya Patrick Sara Patrick's Daughter Sarah Tobi and DeeDee

A bee Timmer Kent and Sara The whole bee hive

Waloodi Waloodi and Shihab Waloodi Waloodi

Andreas Shihab and Andreas, head bees Andreas

Camping in Liberty Basin

Patrick's Sarah Patrick and Sarah Our tents in Liberty Bell Basin Kent Nima, Shihab and XXX

Sarah and Patrick Waloodi

Hiking above Liberty Bell Basin

View from Mendota Pass Kent is the little guy heading up the ridge (look closely) Kent above Mendota Basin Kent above Telluride and Mendota Basin Malcolm above Mendota Basin

Kent descending into Liberty Bell Basin Kent traversing near the top of Mendota Basin towards Virginius Pass Waloodi and Shihab descending from Liberty Basin

Boys about town

Scooter and Jensen Jensen and Scooter Aunt Jenni Kent and Jensen and Scooter Kent and Jensen

Scooter getting ready to bike Jensen, Scooter and Aunt Jenni Kent is happiest when he gets to run the trails with Scooter

Scooter is really happy....

Scooter Scooter Scooter Scooter Scooter

Jensen and Aunt Jenni Jensen and Scooter Jensen Scooter in the river Scooter and Jensen in the river

Wet dog, happy dog

Scooter Scooter Scooter Scooter Scooter

Family Pictures

Kent, Aunt Jenni, Sara and Jensen Kent, Aunt Jenni, Sara and Jensen Kent, Aunt Jenni, Sara and Jensen Kent, Aunt Jenni, Malcolm and Jensen

The Grand Canyon Trip

We had our bikes, so it was easy to bike along the road, west of the village, and see the sights. Perhaps there was a bit too much electricity in the air that day...
Jensen and Kent Jensen and Kent Jensen, Kent and Sara Kent and Jensen Deer at the side of the trail

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