Winter of 2010

Science Project

Kent wanted to study explosions for his science project
Kent drilling a block to hold a candle Kent setting up the combustion chamber Kent showing off where the dust explodes Kent preparing a root-beer bottle for hydrogen and oxygen gas The science project poster (videos separate)

Before the Juana Run

Jensen Jensen Kent at the start Kent ready to run

Juana Run Start

Kent is off Kent leads the pack (for a while)

Juana Run Finish

Kent coming in Kent coming in Jensen coming in Jensen bounding in


Kent was not happy with his results (62 overall, 1st in his division). But still a fine time of 33:20. Jensen bounded the finish line with a time of 36:14.
Jensen and Kent at the end Jensen got first place in the 2009 Palo Alto Grand Prix

Sara and Jensen after a Ragazzi concert

Jensen and Sara Jensen and Sara Jensen and Sara

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