Our boys during the Spring 2012

Cousin Jay playing basketball against Paly

Jay dribbling Jay driving Jay shooting


Scooter sleeping

Kent's Birthday Party

The whole crew Kent with helmet Ready to drive!

Jensen is good looking

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03.15.12 20.31.35

Spring Break

For spring break we drove up to Vancouver. Two days of skiing, one Washington on the side of Rainer. The other at Whistler. Lots of driving and exploring.
Jensen watching the surf at Newport, OR Jensen on the balcony Jensen on the balcony Sunset Jensen watching the sunset

Sara and Jensen at sunset at Newport, OR Kent at Track Town USA (they wouldn't let him run.)

Sara's Friends

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Bean Hollow with Malcolm's friend Dan

Sara at Bean Hollo Scooter and Sara at BeanHollow Dan Dan and Malcolm Sara and Malcolm

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