Holidays with Kent and Jensen


Our home in the fall Our home at Christmas time

Christmas Trees

Our Christmas tree Kent and Jensen cuddle Scooter Kent and Jensen pose with Scooter Jensen's head on Scooter Our home with the boys
Dad drops the tree on Kent (one video):


Jensen likes his big burger Sara with the JackieO sunglasses Malcolm in Seattle (Thanks Marcus) Sara and Scooter Sara and Brian


Kent carbo loads in the airport Kent warming up on top of Sandia Peak after running Kris Kerns and Kent before their run Kris and Kent come down the Upper Quemazon Trail in the snow

Food at Home

Kent making cupcakes for this class Jensen and Kent drinking their soup Christmas Stollen Kent cleaning his hands and making chocolate art Sara's favorite Scotch
Kent dipping truffles (one video):


Scooter the brown-nose reindeer Scooter and Sara Scooter and Sara Erin's dog Meeka

Katie and Julia

Arati and Sara with their Texas sized bows Katie making truffles Katie, Kent and Julia.  Look how tall they all are.
Katie and Julia made truffles (one video)


Jensen and Kent dressed up Sara in her new Christmas dress Kent and Jensen checking out the electronics Jensen, Malcolm, and Kent looking tall

Christmas Morning

Kent's new book Kent gets a new iPhone Kent gets a new iPhone Jensen gets a new laptop
Jensen got a helicopter for Christmas (one video)


Ross and Jay are taller than Cheryl and Sara The grandkids: Jensen, Kent, Ross, Jay, Erin and Meeka
The grandkids playing basketball (3 videos):

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