The Dublin Distance Fiesta

The Pleasanton Heat dominated the middle-school heat at the Dublin Distance Fiesta

Warming Up

Kent, Gabe, (Madeleine), Ryan, Kaitlyn, Peter, Annaka, Sophie, Jonas The bad boys: Kent, Jonas, Peter, Ryan and Gabe

After 100m

Left to Right: Ryan, Gabe, (Kent), Peter, Annaka, Sophie, Kaitlyn, Jonas Gabe, Ryan, Peter, Kent, Sophie, Annaka, Kaitlyn

After 500m

Gabe (Ryan), Peter and Sophie Gabe, Ryan, Peter and Sophie Kaitlyn, Annaka and Kent Gabe Ryan and Peter


After 900m

Annaka and Kaitlyn Kent Madeleine

After 1300m

Gabe Ryan and Peter Peter Sophie Annaka

At the end of 1600m

Annaka and Kent Kent Jonas Madeleine

Race Management

Bob Schor Final Results

Former Heat Member Natalie wins the high-school mile

Natalie wins the Sombrero Natalie and Coach Kevin

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