2010 Modesto Track and Field Meet

The Heat did great on a cold and blustery day in Modesto. See the 1500m, 400m, 800m, people, and Coach Kevin's summary.

1500m - Midget Girls

Maddie flies off the start with Julia Maddie Julia in the lead pack Julia passing Julia trails a twin in the last lap

1500m - Midget Boys

Kent sniffs the air while Michael and Skyler wonder Lucas, KJ, Michael, Kent, Skyler and Dennis at the start KJ takes the lead at the start, Michael, Kent and Skyler follow Michael and Kent at the end of lap 1 Michael after two laps

Dennis still flying after two laps KJ after two laps Lukas after two laps Kent after three laps KJ starts his move

Dennis after three laps The winners: Kent (#2), Michael (#1 and Meet Record) and KKJ (#3) Size matters!  Kent and KJ look up to Michael Michael and his dad

1500m - Youth Boys

Jonas at the start Jonas at the start, pack spreads out Jonas after two laps

1500m - Open Boys

Cody at the start on the outside Cody moving up in the pack Cody at the end of three laps

400m - Midget Boys

Eli (Lightning), Lucas (Heat) and Greg (Lightning) at the start Eli (Lightning) at the start Lukas at the start Gregor (Lightning) at the start

400m - Youth Boys

Ryan running fast

400m - Open Boys

Cody in the 400m Emma (PA Lightning)

800m - Midget Girls

The weather started to turn. Temperature dropped to 54 degrees and thunderstorms were on the horizon.
Julia tucks in behind the Roadrunner pack at the start Julia after one lap

800m - Midget Boys

The pack at the start, Kent and KJ running behind the leader Kent trying to pass the leader Kent tucked behind the leader KJ starting his kick KJ in his kick

800m - Youth Boys

Ryan in the pack Ryan moving out Ryan kicking

800m - Youth Boys

Jonas in the first lap Jonas all alone in the second lap - Winner

800m - Open Boys

Cody in the pack Cody in the second lap Cody all alone

4x800m Race - PA Lightning Friends

Skyler Gregor Eli Dennis First place - Eli, Skyler, Dennis and Gregor


Lukas and his mother Jonas and his dad celebrate his win Jonas, Coach Kevin and Kent Splits

Coach Kevin's Comments

The Heat runners had a great showing at the Central Valley meet yesterday in Modesto. The conditions were very windy and a bit cold. Rain was threatening most of the afternoon.

1500 m results
MG Juila Bounds (81- 2:47-4:09-5:05.6) 2nd place - great tactical race with perfect positioning. New personal best!
MG Maddie Murphy (91- 3:14- 5:01 - 6:07.8) The second half is faster than the first half! Well done.

MB Michael Dunne (77- 2:36 - 3:56- 4:52.87) 1st place. New Meet Record!
MB Kent Slaney (78 - 2:41- 4:10 - 5:12.87) 2nd place. Fast time in windy conditions.
MB KJ Moody (79 - 2:52- 4:21 - 5:18.9) 3rd place. Tough run for being sick most of the week. Really strong last lap to move up to 3rd.
MB Lukas Von Goetz (84 - 3:05 - 4:48 - 5:59.4). New Personal Best and now sub 6:00! Great race.

YB Jonas Harmer (81 - 2:50 - 4:19 - 5:21.2) New Personal Best!
IB Cody Mayer (72 - 2:32 - 3:46 - 4:35.6) 2nd. Fast time for the windy conditions. Converts to a 4:53 for 1600.

MB Lukas Von Goetz 37.5 - 1:17.9 Great race. He lowered his best time by 12 seconds!
YB Ryan May 27.8 - 1:01.8 400s are really hard to run in high winds.
IB Cody Mayer 26.7 - 55.5 1st place!

YB Ryan May 25.8 2nd place with a photo finish. Closing in on team record of 25.06

MB Julia Bounds (35 - 1:15- 1:56 - 2:36) 3rd. Perfect start that led right into perfect position. The wind made fast times in the 800 impossible.
MB Kent Slaney (35 - 1:15 - 2:01 - 2:42) 2nd Solid push in the middle of the race moved him into 2nd place for good.
MB KJ Moody (35 - 1:18 - 2:08 - 2:47) 3rd Great last 200 to get into medal position
YB Jonas Harmer (35 - 1:15- 1:55 - 2:33) 1st place. Perfect race. Good use of other runners. Kicked at the perfect time.
YB Ryan May (38 - 1:20 - 2:03 - 2:37.5) Not much rest after the 200! Ran 2nd half faster than the first half!
IB Cody Mayer (26 - 1:14 - 1:42 - 2:14) 1st place with a 60 second last 400! Note the 28 second 200 between 400 and 600, that is how you break a race wide open and make it yours.

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