2010 Region 16 Junior Olympic Qualifying Meet - Modesto CA

It was hot in Modesto for the JO Qualifying meet. Lots of injuries among the midget boys. Did I mention it was hot? See the 400 dash, 4x800m relays, 3000m run, 800m run, 1500m run.

400M Dash

Hans (Kent's training friend) Ryan Aditya? from Peninsula Ryan Katie (Kent's training friend)

Jalen Davidson (Coach Michael's son) Jalen Davidson (Coach Michael's son)

4x800m Relay Midget Boys

KJ, Dustin, Leo and Michael easily won this race, finishing in 10:23.91, 28 seconds faster than the nearest competitor. Ben and Kent didn't need to run (and saved themselves for later races.)
KJ on his first lap Eli KJ on the second lap Dustin Gregor

Dustin Leo Leo concentrating Michael racing ahead

Kent's Escondido Friends - Eli and Grego Winning team - Dustin, Leo, KJ and Michael go to Nationals

4x800m Relay Youth Boys

Sahit, Jonas, Zach and Blair finished fourth, but hopefully they will get one of the Region 14 slots for Nationals
Blair, Jonas and Zach heading to the start Sahit Sahit Jonas Jonas

Zach Zach Blair

4x800m Relay Intermediate Boys

Theo, Gabe, Nolan and Parker came in two minutes faster than the second-place team!!!!
Theo Theo Gabe Nolan Nolan

Parker Parker

3000m Midget Girls

Julia and Annaka faught for 1st and second.
Annaka and Julia Julia takes the lead from Annaka Julia and Annaka

3000m Midget Boys

Michael got second. Kent had to drop out with heel pain (he stumbled on the track boundary).
Michael and Kent waiting Kevin? and Dennis at the start Kevin and Dennis go out fast, Micheal and Kent follow Kevin still leading in the second lap Michael making his move in the second lap

Michael leading in the third lap, Kent still running Dennis and Kent follow Michael Michael leading in the third lap

Peter Peter floating

800m Midget Girls

Diana floating Julia driving

800m Midget Boys

Leo was great. Ben wasn't feeling well, and got third place by .03 seconds!
Leo floating, Ben in the background Ben KJ Dennis

800m Youth Girls

Amber driving

800m Youth Boys

Jonas driving Zach floating Blair floating

1500m Bantam Boys (Friends)

Zach (Kent's friend) came in third Jason came in first

1500m Midget Girls

Julia and Annaka Annaka Diana Diana Annaka driving

Julia fading

1500m Midget Boys

Ben came from behind, but Leo won the race by .01 seconds. What a finish!!!
Dennis going out fast for the Lightning Ben in the first lap KJ in the first lap Leo in the second lap Michael in the second lap

Leo, Micheal and Ben lead the pack in the third lap Dennis for the Lightning KJ floating Leo and Ben fight for first Leo and Ben driving for the finish

KJ coming in

1500m Youth Girls

Sophie passing the pack on the outside

1500m Youth Boys

Blair floating Peter floating Blair Peter Blair coming in third

1500m Intermediate Boys

Parker came in first, Nolan and Gabe were third and fourth.
Parker Gabe Parker and Theo Ted


Kent Results

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