National Junior Olympics 4x800m Relays - July 28, 2010 - Sacramento, CA

I only got to see the 4x800m relays at Nationals. See the midget, youth and intermediate boys races And some of the faces.

The Midget Boys

Despite two injured heals and the return of asthma, the Midget Heat boys turned in a club record and got
7th place medals at Nationals!!!10:09.21!!! Dustin's support was great (Given all the injuries this year, he was a very needed alternate.)
Kent, Dustin, KJ, Ben and Leo The midget boys walking out - Leo, Kent, KJ and Ben

Leo in the first turn Leo all alone in the first turn Leo passing on the curve in lap 2

KJ starting his first lap KJ boxed in KJ pusing for air in his first lap KJ in front in the second lap KJ floating in his second lap

Kent floating Kent pushing through his first turn Kent feeling the pain in his second lap

Ben fighting for position at the start of his run Ben has a big lead at the start of the second lap

Ben fighting to stay in position Ben hurting after getting passed Ben kicking towards the end of the race Ben fighting to finish Ben at the finish line - National 7th place medal for all
After the Midget Boys race
Kent high-fiving Ben Leo, Kent, Ben and KJ walking together Leo, KJ, Kent and Ben waiting
Receiving their medal (Ben had to leave early)
Our boys receiving their medals Our bpys - Dustin, KJ, Kent and Leo Some of the other medal winners Dustin, Kent, KJ and Leo Dustin, KEnt, KJ and Leo

The Youth Boys

Blair and Sahit were out with injuries. Peter, Nick, Jonas and Zach carried the day, coming in
5th in their heat.
Jonas, Nick, Parker and Zach Peter, Nick, Jonas and Zach waiting to run

Peter driving through the first turn Peter all alone on the second lap Peter floating through the turn

Nick on his first turn Nick pushing hard in the first turn Nick still in front in the second turn

Jonas in his first turn still in front Uh, oh... Jonas trying to catch up in the second lap

Zach trying to catch a taller runner Zach floating through his first turn Zach fighting for position in the last 50m Zach running with his shoe untied Zach pushing hard at the end of the race

Intermediate Boys

Our Intermediate Boys, led off with Parker, and got a
National fifth-place medal!!!
Parker at 300m passing the pack Parker in front with 100m to go Cody all alone with 100m to go

Sameer all alone at 300m Sameer at 300m, all alone Sameer with 100m to go

Theo after 300m passing on the curve Theo with 100m to go Theo flying Theo, Sameer, Cody and Parker


Kent Leo and KJ Bob (Leo's Dad) Kathy and Amber (KJ's family) Cody

Lukas came to cheer for everybody Leo Parker and Jonas Sophie


Kevin's notes

Wow! I am really impressed with how well the Heat did at Nationals.

First, nearly every one of you ran your personal best at this meet. Very impressive. You broke many team records, including some relay records from the 1990s!

Second, for the distance events, 1500 and up we won 10 medals! The next best team won 5! You guys are without question THE best team in the United States.

Here is a recap (with splits) of all the races

Steeple Chase

4 x 800 Relays


800 Prelims

1500 Prelims

4 x 400 Prelims

4 x 100 Prelims


800 finals

1500 Finals

This wasn't the only big time meet for us this season. At the Youth Nationals in Lisle, Illinois Julia Bounds won 3 National Medals (800, 1500 and 3000) and Ben Zaeske placed in the 1500.
AND... Nicolette Sorensen won the 10,000m race walk National title!!!
A N D ... Tyler Sorensen made the US National Junior Team and placed 15th in the World for the 10,000m race walk (43:55). Tyler also set a new national record for the 3000m race walk (12:44) for Intermediate Boys. Tyler is off to Singapore for the World Youth Olympics!!!!

It was a great track season!!! Our best ever.

Coach Kevin

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