Pacific Association District Championships - Santa Rosa, CA - June 12, 2010

Girls 3000m

Sophie and Annaka Julia and one of the twins Sophie leading the pack Annaka driving Sophie


Boys Midget 3000m

Michael easily got first. Kent got out kicked and came in third.
Michael and Kent leading the pack Still Micahel and Kent (with Dennis hanging on) Michael, Dennis (PA Lightning), and Kent Michael all alone in the lead Kent passing Dennis on lap 4

Kent pushing hard Michael lapping Kent still in second Kent trying to keep second

Boys Youth and Intermediate 3000m

Gabe easily took first, with Alex following. Romain stepped off the track with an injury.
Gabe, Romain, Alex Alex, Gabe and Romain falling behind (injured) One unhappy Romain Gabe and Alex Gabe leading Alex

Gabe Alex

200m Dash

Michael??? Ryan coming in second in the 200m dash

800 meter run

Annaka and Julia took 3rd and 7th.
Julia and Sophia battling it out Julia pulling away from Annaka Julia and Annaka Julia all alone Annaka

Diana Diana Diana

800m Bantam Boys

Leo took third
Lukas Lukas Gregor (Kent's friend) running the 800m Leo Leo

Dustin Leo Dustin Leo

800m Intermediate Grils


400m Youth Boys

Ryan Hasjim, Bahari Nicholas coming in 6th

400m Intermediate Boys

Jeff coming in first

1500m Bantam

Sierra Noah

1500m Midget Girls

Diana starting Diana running Julia and Annaka starting (surrounded by twins) Julia sprinting Julia sprinting

Annaka in the pack Julia and Annaka after two laps Annaka floating after two laps Julia after 3 laps

1500m Midget Boys

Leo and Michael starting Michael springing Michael after one lap Leo after one lap Micheal after two laps

Leo after two laps Michael winning the race all alone

1500m Intermediate Girls

Sophie in the pack Amber Sophie Amber Sophie


1500m Intermediate Boys

Zach Blair Blair

1500m Youth Boys

Parker in the lead Gabe and Cody driving Parker all alone Gabe passing Gabe leading Cody

Gabe Cody Parker taking it in to finish first Gabe Cody


Lukas Annaka Julia Sophie XX and Anne

Julia and Parker

Kent's Friends

Eli long jumping Dennis running the 3000m Libby running the 200m dash (Kent's old teammate) Zach (Kent's friend) coming in third in the 800m Emma running the 1500m

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