Pleasanton Heat at the 2010 Soquel XC Meet

A rainy day in Soquel for a cross-country meet

The Kids before the Race

Zach Leo B1 AJ Rachel

Ben Zach B2 Leo and Zach Warming up (Leo, Sam, Ben, Annaka and Megan)


AJ Rachel AJ AJ


Kent at the start.  (What is Kent doing in front of <b>this</b> group after missing the last four weeks of practice!!!)??? Ben Zaeske at the start of the 3k Anaka towering over the field (Ben in front) Ben after the hill Sam after the hill

Annaka after the hill Julia after the hill Megan Diana

Dennis (PA Lightning) after the hill Gregor (PA Lightning) after the hill


Zach Dylan Ben Gurarie Ben Gurarie Peter after 3km

Zach after 3km Dylan after 3km Ben Guararie after 3km

The Kids after the Race

Ben relaxing Julia staying dry Leo all wet Megan Peter

Kent, Ben and Leo after the 3km race

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