Pleasanton Heat at the 3M Meet

The Heat dominated the distance events at the 3M Invitational the weekend of May 14 and 15, 2010. Good job kids! (Unlike past years, Saturday morning was really cold.)

Midget Boys 4x800m Relay

Leo, Dustin, Lukas and Kent had an easy time winning the Midget Boys 4x800m relay (but lost to the girls :-).
Leo Dustin Lukas Lukas Kent

3000m Races - Midget girls and boys

All orange at the finish. Julia and Annaka took first and second for the girls and Kent was first for the boys.
Julia and Annaka at the start Julia and Annaka at the start Kent Julia and Annaka Kent

Julia and Annaka Annaka Kent Julia taking the lead Kent has one lap to go

Annaka finishing second

3000m Races - Youth girls and boys

Peter and Sophie easily won this race. Romain set a new PR.
Peter not going out too fast Sophie and Romain at the start Sophie after one lap Peter had it all to himself after two laps Romain

Romain Sophie Romain Peter Sophie

Romain looking happy.

800m Races

Diana Diana Julia and Annaka
Ben had a hard race, pushed hard and won the Midget Boys 800m with an amazing time!
Ben at the start Ben surrounded by 3M guys Ben

Katie from Peninsula won her Youth heat Kaitlyn Sophie Sophie Sophie and Kaitlyn

Sophie Jonas in the Youth Boys heat.


Coach Kevin showing off the metal Lukas won his first relay Diana and her mother celebrating the 800m time

Sophie Sophie and Coach Kevin Sophie Sophie, Annaka and Coach Kevin hamming it up.

1500m Races - Bantam Girls

Sierra at the start Sierra 2 laps later

1500m Races - Midget Girls

Annaka comes in second, Julia has her season's best time.
Annaka, Julia and Maddy at the start Julia powering away at the start, Maddy and Annaka follow Diana at the start
After one lap
Julia takes the lead after one lap, Annaka follows Dianne at the end of the first lap Maddie at the end of the first lap
After two laps
Annaka and Julia in the lead in the third lap Julia pulling ahead of Annaka in lap 3 Maddy after two laps

Annaka leading, Julia following after 3 laps Annaka running easy Sierra running easy

1500m Races - Midget Boys

Ben gets an easy win. Kent has a hard race. KJ takes second with two DQs marring the race. :-)
Kent, KJ and Ben at the start Kent and Ben take off Kent and Ben settle into race pace Ben takes off at the start

Kent after first lap Kent after first lap Kent after second lap Kent after second lap Lukas after second lap

Kent after three laps

1500m Races - Youth Girls

Sophie gets gold.
Katelyn at the start Katelyn after one lap Sophie leading after 2 laps

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