The Heat at the 2010 Umoja Track Meet

Cool and windy meet at Santa Clara High School on May 1st and 2nd 2010. The Heat dominated 800, 1500, 3000 meter races. Check out our friends with the Peninsula Track club and the faces too. All the results are online at UMOJA's web site

3000 Meter Races

Girls 3000m

Julia (11:08.18) and Annaka (11:19.52) easily got first and second in the Midget age group. Sophie (10:48.01) fought hard and got second as a Youth.
Girls 3000m - Julia, Sophie, Annaka (Emma from Lightning) Sophie Annaka Julia Annaka

Annaka and Julia (Thanks Keith) Julia (Thanks Keith) Annaka (Thanks Keith)

Midget Boys 3000m

Michael (10:42.02) and Kent (10:53.84) easily won this race. Kent cut a few more seconds off his PR, but it wasn't enough to hold on against Michael's long legs.
Michael and Kent waiting Kent pacing Michael :-) Kent trying to lead Michael (Thanks Keith)

Michael Michael Kent Kent (Thanks Keith) Kent (Thanks Keith)

Youth Boys 3000m

Peter (9:56.80) got second with a sub-10-minute run, and Romain (11:17.42) was 6th
Romain Peter Romain Romain Peter


Youth Girls 3000m

Another second for Sophie with 10:48.01

800m Bantam Girls

New Heat runner Sierra (2:54.37) got fifth.
Sierra Sierra Sierra

800m Midget Girls

Julia (2:36.75) already ran the 3000m that morning, had a slow run and got fourth.
Francesca Diana Emma Julia Julia

800m Bantam Boys

Ben was really hot and set a new meet record (2:19.76). Michael finished in 7th at 2:36.05 and Kent was 12th at 2:42.19.
Lukas Lukas Sam Tarek (Palo Alto) Sam

Sam Tarek (Palo Alto)

800m Midget Boys

Fast group. Ben came in first at 2:19.76 and set the meet record. Michael was 7th, and Kent held on for 12th with 2:42.19. It was a hard race for Michael and Kent since they already ran the 3000m that day.
Michael at the start Ben at the start Kent at the start Michael Ben


800m Youth

Sophie finished in 2:31.63 and Hanna finished in 3:03.72. Jonas for the boys finished in 2:35.74.
Hannah Sophie Jonas

1500m Bantam Girls

Sierra really wanted to medal, but she wasn't quite able to hang on. She finished in 5:41.71.

1500m Midget Girls

The twins were in town to give Julia some exercise. Julia held onto 2nd with a fast 5:12.49. Annaka was 3rd with 5:13.21.
Maddie, Julia yawning, Diana, Annaka The girls take off---Maddie, Julia yawning, Diana, Annaka Breaking out---Maddie, Julia, Annaka Julia (with Diana and Annaka in the background) Annaka

Diana Maddie Julia leading Annaka Julia Annaka

Diana Maddie Julia leading Annaka Diana Maddie

1500m Midget Boys

Ben made this look easy, in spite of the heavy winds. He set the meet record this day at 4:45.44. New Pleasanton friend KJ came in second at 5:09.90 and Kent got a new PR in third at 5:14.12.
Kent, KJ and Ben Kent yawning, and Ben Kent, KJ and Ben KJ checking out Kent Ben

KJ leading Kent and Dennis Lukas Kent leading KJ Ben Kent leading KJ

Lukas Kent in the final kick

1500m Youth Girls

Sophie Sophie Bridgett (Peninsula)

1500m Youth Boys

Peter Peter Romain Romain Peter

Peter Romain

1500m Women (Peninsula)

Katie (Peninsula) Katie

Peninsula Friends

Amariah is Coach Michael's daughter. She came in first in the 100m!!!
Amariah after her 100m qualifying run (she made it) Amariah after her 100m qualifying run (she made it) Amariah before her relay Amariah heading out Amariah heading out

Amariah running Amariah after her relay


Romain Kent Kent drinking Annaka Kent

Sophie Annaka Michael Emma Kent

Sophie Michael The Midget Boys---Lukas, Michael, Kent The team warming up---Kent, Diana, Maddie, Annaka, Romain, Peter and Ben


Coach Kevin Sophie, Coach Kevin and Tom Coach Kevin and Tom Coach Eric Results


Andrew Andrew Andrew Anne

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