2011 Pacific Association Track and Field Championships - Oak Hill Racing

Just the 800m runners. Sorry I don't have everybody. Results are at PAUSATF web site

800m Sub Bantam Girls


800m Sub Bantam Boys

Andrew AJ Andrew

800m Bantam Girls

Marina Kiana Rachel Kiana Rachel coming around the corner

800m Bantam Boys

Garrett Gabe and Turner in the first turn Gabe Turner

800m Midget Girls

Catherine Catherine Morgan and Julia at the start Morgan in the pack Diana

800m Midget Boys

Lukas is flying Lukas on the second lap

Kent reaching for the lead Kent wanting to take the lead Kent (and Zach) in the last 40 meters Kent holding on Uh, oh... third place is moving up fast on Kent

800m Youth Girls

Mikaela Anaka at the start Kaityln and Anaka in the pack

800m Youth Boys

Eli Leo flying around the first corner

800m Intermediate Boys

Blair and Cody lead the pack Blair leading Cody Cody pumping his arms Joshua

4x800m Midget Boys

First leg: Derek Derek fighting for the lead Austin really racing Austin all alone Kent flying HIGH!!!!  Got to catch that guy

Kent caught him Kent running strong Jason flying Jason all alone for the finish

4x800m Midget Boys Winners

The first place boys: Kent, Adam, Derek and Jason The first place boys: Kent, Adam, Derek and Jason Kent and Derek with first-place bling

4x800m Midget Girls

Anaka taking the initial lead Anaka all alone Chase Chase Elana working

Elana in profile Elana flying Elana looking fast Megan coming around the corner The girls: Chase, Elana, Mega and Anaka


Alex polishing Dad Alex and Dad Diana and Cat beaming Colleen

Ryan ponders One happy Kent (good race, first race in months) Another happy Kent (after placing in 800m). Megan Anaka's mom

Megan Colleen Annaka Leo Colleen

Coach Kurt

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