Region 14 District Junior Olympic Qualifiers (Top Five Meet)

The top five from each race get to go to Nationals. Only a few of the races here.


Kent warming up for the 4x800m Maddie after strides Brooke, Chase, Miaela and Madison warming up Derek, Jason, Kent talking Jason goofing off

Austin Audrey, Diana, Morgan and Maddie Derek, Kent, Austin and Jason before their relay

4x800m Midget Girls

Maddie in the lead Maddie looking proud Diana holding onto her lead Diana on her own Morgan on the corner

Morgan fighting for first Audrey turning the corner Audrey on her own

4x800m Midget Boys

Jason leads off Jason in front on the first leg Jason on his own Austin all alone Austin in the zone

Derek chasing the leader Derek still chasing Kent chasing the leader Kent closing the gap

4x800m Youth Girls Relay

Mikaela chasing Kiele Miaela driving Mikaela concentrates Brooke on the straight away Brooke running

Chase running Madison on the anchor leg Madison looking strong

4x800m Youth Boys Relay

Leo's long strides Leo puffing Matt driving Matt looking strong Andrew at the start of his leg

Andrew after 500m Ryan works to keep his position Ryan on his second lap Cody tries to pass while Curly does his hair Cody rounding the corner

Cody in front of Curly Connor driving Connor all alone Blair floating Blair smiling

Conner driving in the afternoon sun Conner Conner pushing hard Diana, Audrey, Morgan and Madelyn before their race

800m Sub-Bantam Girls

Sophia is all alone :-( Sophia drives those arms

800m Bantam Girls

Marina in front, Kiana catching up Marina in front, Kiana getting closer

800m Bantam Boys

Gabe and Miles after the first turn Miles drives Justin (Peninsula) in the 800m Bantam Boys Gabe grunting it out

800m Midget Girls

Audrey on the first turn

800m Midget Boys

Kent on the first turn Kent on the first turn Zach (Marin) and Kent in the pack Zach (Marin) after the first lap Zach (Marin) kicking to the end

Kent stars his goal-line dance One Happy Kent!! Kent and his friend Zach after qualifying for Nationals

800m Intermediate Boys

Leo driving through the first turn Leo cutting in

800m Youth Boys

Blair and Conner in thier lanes Blair, Conner and Cody finish the first turn Conner driving Cody trying to break out of his pack

400m Dash Young Men

Trevor leads the pack Trevor all alone


Ryan in the 200m Dash Andrew jumping Madelyn watching the races Audrey watching the races Morgan watching the races

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