2011 National Junior Olympics - Wichita Kansas

It was a very hot week in Wichita. The temperature every day was above 100 degrees, and at least one day set a new record high. Still many All-American runners. More results are on the 2011 USATF JO Schedule

4x800m Youth Girls

Kiele (Umoja) The Girls Walk Out Brooke Mikaela Mikaela

Mikaela Madison Madison Madison Chase on her first lap


3000m Intermediate Boys

A first place for Blair. National 3000m Intermediate Boys Champion!!
Blair Blair going wide on the second lap Blair heading for the front Blair at the front Blair way out in front

800m Bantam Boys

Miles Miles

800m Midget Girls

Morgan driving Morgan squeezing in between Morgan in the pack

800m Midget Boys

Kent made it to Nationals even with a injured heel. To make it more challenging he added a broken arm. He came in 20th, but first among all runners with a cast! :-)
Kent on the first turn (watch where you step!) Kent driving at the end of the first turn Kent trying to stay with pack Kent at the end of 500m Kent powering

Kent with 300m to go Raffi (friend of Kent's) One happy Raffi Raffi all alone

800m Youth Boys

Disappointing day for Leo
Leo powering through the first turn Leo passing on the second lap

800 Young Men

Impressionist Trevor Trevor on his second lap Trevor in the pack

1500m Youth Girls (Semifinals)

Friends of friends
Kiele (Umoja) Kiele in the pack (Umoja) Kiele hanging on (Umoja)

1500m Youth Boys

Leo started out well...
Leo passing Leo driving Leo driving

Rob cheering for Leo Rob whistling for Leo Rob cheering for Leo Rob watching leo Pensive Rob

1500m Intemediate Boys

Blair qualified for the finals..
Blair lines up for 1500m Blair takes off Blair passes wide after one lap Blair flying by the pack Blair has one more to pass

Blair all alone for the finish

3000m Midget Girls

Julia was smart. Started at the back. Worked her way to the front. Took the lead and had an amazing kick. A first place finish. National Champion!!!
Julia going around the pack Julia cutting in Julia settled in Julia in the front pack Julia in the pack

Julia waiting her turn

3000m Midget Boys

Zach (Marin).  The kid in front (3495) never let up and won. Zach going wide Zach powering through the turn Zach finished 7th in the country

3000m Youth Girls

Brooke in the pack Brooke still in the pack Brooke after 600m Brooke Chase rounding the corner

Madison all alone Brooke all alone Madison follows Chase Brooke Passing Madison

3000m Youth Boys

Matt in the first turn Matt and Peter in the pack Peter and Matt Peter Peter going strong

Matt rounding the corner Coach Kevin comforts Matt


A satisfied Coach Kevin Coach Kevin happy Coach Kevin watching Coach Chad

Chase Chase and Miles Brooke Brooke's Mom Chase and Miles

Kent walking back to his seat The Youth Girls: Brooke, Mikaela, Madison Carolyn watching Julia Vanessa and Matt

Peter Nancy Nancy and Peter Nancy and Peter Nancy and Peter

Leo and Kent Rob and Leo Rob and Leo

Julia icing off CC and Raffi (Kent's friends)
And the Friday evening Fire Breathers. Who would have guessed we'd see this in Wichita?
Fire breathing Swinging flames Dancing fire breather

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