Shihab and Gwen Get Married

January 3, 1998
Moose Mountain Lodge
Etna, New Hampshire

Shihab and Gwen were already engaged. That much was for sure. Shihab asked if Michele and I thought a surprise wedding would be a good idea. Our friends told us to attend: It would either be the party of the century or the fight of the century! It turned out to be a lot of fun!!

The Preparations

There were so many preparations... Shihab and Gwen were already on their way to New Hampshire for a relaxing weekend in the mountains. Gwen was told of the wedding a couple of days before it was to happen. Gwen didn't know until later that it was a setup. First the boys, Adam and Casey, showed up with Gwen's good friends Bill and Jodi Miller. Then Christof and Gabriel Koch "happened" to be staying at the Moose Mountain Lodge that weekend. Gwen figured it out when Malcolm and Michele sat down on either side of her for dinner on Friday.

Shihab arranged all the hard stuff from Maryland. Shoes and a wedding dress came from California. Flowers and food were arranged by Kay Shumway. All we had to do was have fun! We really enjoyed the snow.

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The Location

The location was superb! The Moose Mountain Lodge in Etna, New Hampshire was spectacular. All we had to do was enjoy the skiing, the relaxing, and the scenery. 28 24 25 31 78

The Wedding

The wedding happened without a hitch! 34 36 35 37 38 46

The Guests

It was a small and wonderful wedding. 47 48 51 53

Flowers everywhere!

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Everybody enjoyed the party!

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The new family!

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