Kent Slaney

What a learning experience! We think he is an amazing little boy.


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2002 Pictures

See the latest pictures from the friends of summer 2002, early 2002, our spring 2002 vacation, friends of summer or the trip to the zoo with Sophia and Emma.

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One of my favorite pictures was taken at Dan and Caroline's wedding by Jason Francisco - picture

Two Years Old

We had a wonderful Fall with Kent. Enjoying the leaves, trains, parks and friends. See the pictures of Fall 2001.

At home

Easter with family and friends (April 2001)

Little Kent loves to dig, and do anything construction related

Visiting Grandma and Aunt Jenni

Yosemite (June 2001)

Bonfonte Gardens (September 2001)

At the San Francisco Zoo (September 2001)


Bryce and Zion

The YesVideo Picnic


Kent's Second Birthday Parties (and his visitors) - January 2001

Wow, what a little boy.  He runs everywhere.  He says lots of words and we can actually communicate.  But no more than two words at a time. He wants to explore everything.  Likes to help cook.  He's good at scrambling the eggs and mixing cakes.  He'll eat just about everything, and loves artichokes, bread, ketchup, french fries and the tips of asparagus (he gives the rest to mom.)

Lots of fun pictures, hanging out close to home and celebrating his second birthday

And we went skiing at Montecito-Sequoia.  Mom and dad skiied first, then Kent couldn't wait to try it. He especially enjoyed going downhill and saying wheee!  He was good at that.  Mom and dad held his arms.

Twenty Two Months Old

Visiting with friends at home Kent finally gets to visit Yosemite (in the snow) Kent's trip to the Children's Discovery Museum in San Jose.

Trip to Los Angeles

See the pictures from our trip to Los Angeles when he was 21 months old.

Sixteen Months Old

Lots of parties and chances to play with friends.   First a pool party at Raul and Eli's. And more parties. And finally, just having fun at home.

Fifteen Months Old

A trip to wild flowers on Russian Ridge (above our house). Thanks to Lee for the recommendation. Vivian organized a cross-country ski trip to Bear Valley.  Kent enjoyed being the center of attraction. He wasn't sure about all the clothes he had to wear (and he definitely had a hard time walking on the snow).

Fourteen Months Old

Lots of things to explore.  A trip with Dad to the SF Garden Show and lots of fun with Shihab.  He feeds himself and wants to do his own thing. It's fun to watch. We had to get away.  Kent had an ear infection so going to the mountains was out. We went to Death Valley instead.  Kent still wasn't very happy. But it was beautiful.  That weekend Kent really just wanted to play with our credit cards.

Thirteen Months Old

Getting around.  He's into everything.  He's mobile.  Life is good

One Year Old (Kent's first birthday party)

He's walking now!  Likes the wrapping paper.  Really likes the toy hammer (he learned it all from Steve Siegrist.) Birthday Parties.  All these cute babies with birthdays at the end of January.  Lots of opportunities for Kent to party!

Eleven Months Old (Kent's first Christmas)

He's starting to take steps.  He took the first small baby steps without holding onto anything on New Year's Eve.  He's really cruising with his walker.

He had fun at Christmas.  Full time parents and grandmother.  Lots of time with his cousins and Aunts and Uncle.  Kent was happy.

Ten Months Old

More standing!  He eats everything! He was the star of the 1999 Midwest grandparent tour (Thanksgiving 1999). He's everywhere.  Likes crawling up stairs and slides. He's not sure about snow.

We spent time in Sterling, visiting Malcolm's mother and sister.

Then off to Cleveland, to see Michele's family. Grandma and Grandpa took us all out for a 10 month birthday party; Kent really enjoyed finding out about cake. We stayed with our friends, Nancy, Fred, and their wonderful son Eric. Kent got to meet his Uncle Mike and his cousins (and see Aunt Jean again) Then off to Breckenridge Colorado to introduce Kent to the snow! He wasn't sure what to make of the cold and the really heavy suit.

Nine Months Old

Wow, all the changes!  He wants to feed himself (making a mess). Paula feeds him oatmeal in the morning. Michele and I feed him some baby food and some table food.  He likes avacado, grapes, eggplant, potatoes, udon noodles, spaghetti, bread.  He'll eat just about anything he finds on the table (good) and on the floor (bad).

He will stand up for a few seconds in the middle of the floor!  Not much incentive to take a step on his own yet, but he really likes a plastic cart and we saw him take his first steps with that on November 21st.

Eight Months Old

Wow, he wants to stand continuously.  Can easily pull himself up to a standing position.  We saw him take his first steps on October 5. He pulled himself up on his play saucer and then took a few steps, just cruising really.  He even did it while only holding on with one hand. Kent is anxious, but mom is nervous.  This picture was taken later in the evening when he was playing on our bed. Lots of fun things to explore. He's great fun to watch. We don't even miss watching movies. He's amazing.  He really likes being outside and in his little pool. He really likes to stand and to eat. He sits up well and crawls everywhere.  He looks like he wants to walk.  He likes to make a mess at dinner so that Michele and he can take a bath together.

Seven Months Old

Kent attended his second conference, August in Santa Cruz at the AVSP workshopMike Cohen took these pictures at a performance of "Two Gentleman from Verona" and wrote these captions.  (Kent was pretty good during the first act, but Michele missed most of the second.) Kent's friend, Walid Shamma comes to visit.  Kent has a new nanny. Life is good. I don't know what it is about small kids. They seem to know whose is a playmate. Walid and Kent spent a morning playing together.  It was very cute.

Six Months Old

Starting to crawl, eating from a spoon.  Wow!

Five Months Old

Desolation Wilderness: We spent a weekend in the Sierra's.  We got to see the mountains and have a great excuse to take pictures of Kent.  They are online and there are some great shots. Click here.

We got to spend a week with the Osborns in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Michele worked, and Malcolm hung out with Tammie (and their three girls).  It was lots of fun. Kent really liked all the attention. Malcolm liked having an extra set of experienced hands. We finished it off with a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Four Months Old

Kent is rolling over, but not back. And he is thinking about food.  Hurray! Kent really starts to interact with us.  Giggle fits and all.  He's a lot of fun to be around.  (But he does seem to know that if he can avoid the bottle during the day, he'll get the real thing at night when Michele gets home.)

A trip to see Beth, Alexandra, and Calyn Grimes.  Calyn was due on the day that Kent was born (1/28) , and Kent was due on the day that Calyn was born (1/19). Kent was quite the flirt, on his best behavior all day long!

Wow, so much new stuff. He rolls from his back to his stomach and enjoys the new view.  He sucks on anything he can fit into his mouth, so we try a little applesauce and pineapple juice on our fingers. He drools on everything. He goes for his first bike ride. Michele is only slightly nervous. Malcolm is at home now.

Three Months Old

Wow, so much growing to do. Michele's last month at home. Good thing there are two of us.  He wears Michele out during the day, then Malcolm comes home to take the evening shift.

Week Twelve

Lots of new toys. Aunt Jenni came to play with Kent. He's still very cute.  Sometimes he sucks on his hand, he likes massages and seeing people.

Week Nine

We're settling into a pattern.  He likes the changing table and lots of attention.

Week Eight

We survived (and even enjoyed) our first ICASSP with Kent. He seemed to really like the crowds and the noises. This week we're off to Sedona for some vacation, some relaxing, and some hiking. Kent mostly slept through the hikes and then partied all night.

Week Six

Peace starts to set in  We've seen smiles.  He is still quite fussy at times, always wants to be held.

Week Five

Carole Goodman comes to visit

Week Four (Hospital)

Kent spent his one month birthday in the hospital. He went in February 23rd with a urinary tract infection.  Tylenol took care of the fever, hurray.  He is now on antibiotics, via IV, for the bacteria.

Week Three

Visiting the family

Week Two

Week two, we're starting to get the hang of it!  We still think he is really cute and smart!  He's awake more.  He definitely doesn't like it when Michele eats curry. Everybody is at home now . We're still adjusting to life with Kent.  It is amazing how something so small can take so much time. We've almost got a rhythm now.

Week One

We survived our first week.  Didn't drop him or anything!

The Birth!!!

Kent Donald Slaney arrived at 7PM on 1/28/99 (Thursday evening).  He weighed in at 9 pounds, 10 ounces and 21 inches long.  Michele did it the way she wanted to do it, without pain killers.  She was really brave and strong!

Kent is a happy baby.  He cried when he was born, but has been looking around, eating and dozing all evening.  He was breast feeding within a half hour of being born!

When I left the hospital at 11:30 on Thursday night, Michele was still very high on adrenaline, and I was exhausted.

Here are some pictures from his birthday!!!


His first picture at 15 weeks (prenatal!) - the head is on the left, he is lying on his back. His first movie, an ultrasound, is also online.


Giving birth would have been a lot harder without a lot of help.

Kent Donald Slaney

Kent is named for Malcolm's father: Donald Kent Slaney (second from the left in this picture.)

Mother and father are really happy.

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