le mariage de chat et chaz

june 5, 1999

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foreplay: antics and amusements
   court jester

act I:   un cul de sac; saratoga, california; the present
scene 1: bridal procession, with bubbles
   chat, chat mama, prima donna, chevalier de chat;
   audience participation
  là ci darem la mano, wolfgang amadeus mozart
   zerlina y don giovanni
scene 2: syncopated synopsis of synergistic synapses
   official officianado

act II:   a literary salon; saratoga, california; the present
scene 1: i like my body, e.e. cummings
   chat mama
scene 2: i crave your mouth, pablo neruda
   prima donna
scene 3: a surprise wave of the wand, tubi wreafield
   faery goshmother
scene 4: there's a strange frenzy in my head, jelaluddin rumi
  this night there are no limits, jelaluddin rumi
   primo uomo

act III:  the nuptial gazebo; hot sparks, california; timeless
scene 1: parigi, o cara, noi lasceremo, guiseppe verdi
   violetta y alfredo
scene 2: flight attendant's instructions
   official officianado
scene 3: vows and kiss
   chat et chaz
scene 4: confetti poppers
   audience participation
act IV:  une pas de deux dans le futur
scene 1:  bridengroom procession, with bubbles
   chat et chaz;
   audience participation
scene 2: final suggestions
   prima donna

cast, in order of appearance

court jester hilary jean marie von joo
zerlina teresa berganza
don giovanni ruggero raimondi
official officianado richard cosmo adamo
chaz charles clinton harris
primo uomo manoucher birang
primo figlio chandler harris
chat lyn dupré
chat mama dona depasquale oppenheim
prima donna donna-marie ruth von joo-tornell
chevalier de chat david henry oppenheim
faery goshmother trish hooper
violetta ileana cotrubas
alfredo plácido domingo
     music conductor gregory graalfs
     crowd controller lucius von joo-tornell
     costumiers pyewacket, yoda, elf, ika, and vanna
     coiffeur ciseaux de chaz
     milliner aiguilles de chat


produced and directed by lyn dupré (confusier) and charles clinton harris (confusier), with interference from the masked chorus (confusee).



this program was made possible in part by contributed inspirations from
these sponsors:

le manse de chats: "always a pleasure"
1111 rue de rudé, saratoga, california

guerilla school of song and dance: specializing in chest-thumping primal
103 pas de bourée, saratoga, california

eros photographic studios: the imagery of passion; the passion of imagery
1092 back road, saratoga, california

falling leaf massage parlor: hit-and-run full-contact high-intensity
kinesthetic massage
69 autumn way, saratoga, california

the museum café: private booths available; bring your own condiments
jardin de rodin, stanford, california

the producers extend a special thanks to ann barry.

program * synopsis * poems * runway talk * ceremony * closing * fun 1 * fun 2


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these pages created by malcolm slaney and lyn dupre'; a portion of the
pictures was contributed by various photogenic wedding guests.