le mariage de chat et chaz

june 5, 1999

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flight attendant's instructions

may i have your attention please?  as we're taxiing down the runway, in preparation for takeoff, i am going  to give you important safety instructions.

first, please be sure that your parasol is in the horizontal, folded positions.

you should all have one of these [holds up popper].  is there anyone who doesn't have one? raise your hand if you don't have one. [hilary gives a popper to anyone who raises a hand, also offers bubbles.]

now listen carefully, because your life may depend on following these instructions.  do NOT set off your popper until AFTER lyn and charles have kissed and turned around to face you, because they do not want to miss the fun!!!!  i will cue you when the time comes.  so don't do anything until i give you this signal [demonstrates signal].

hold your popper with the base pointing up in the air and the string pointing down [demonstrates]. these things have gunpowder in them, and we don't want you to put out anyone's eye, right?  so be sure to hold it the way i'm showing you.  when i give the signal -- and not before then! --  pull the string.

also, please remember to blow LOTS of bubbles when lyn and charles leave us -- they'll be walking down this aisle [points],  and we want to give them a good send off. ok? any questions?

all right,  i've just heard from the tower that we've been cleared for take off.

program * synopsis * poems * runway talk * ceremony * closing * fun 1 * fun 2


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